Movie Review: Starting Over Again

Starting over again

Starting over again

“How do I unwrite the past?”

“How do I unlove you?”

This February comes a movie that happens in real life. It’s a story on how to face an unclosed chapter in one’s life and how it will impact your present.

It’s a story of a girl, trying to win her ex’s heart again after leaving him in misery for four years. But the situation now got nasty as her ex has already found the love of his life. Will she complicate things again for his ex? Will she win him back? Will they ever got a chance to start over again?

My sister convinced me to watch this and I never regretted seeing it!

It sucks when shit happpens in your life especially when your the one who shitted your life. There are times that things do fall apart and just gave up without realizing the consequences it will give you afterwards.

You wanted to set things right and wanted to unwrite the past. But how?

If you haven’t watched this movie, please try to do so. An 8/10 movie rating for me.

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